How My Business Has Changed

Just thinking today as I was working on a basket order; from the start of my business over 10 years ago until today, much has changed about the way my business works. 

In the beginning, I concentrated on building up as much inventory as I could.  I attended several craft shows each season and aimed for large numbers and wide selection of baskets as I headed    out for all the shows.

Gradually, things changed.  I eventually opened my sales shop, learned how to identify my customers  and refined my skills as a weaver.  The biggest change, however, was the development of this website.  I first only used it as an information resource; referring customers there for details on basket choices, etc.  Now it is much more than that.

Then, in addition to the craft shows and weaving for shop inventory, I began offering basket classes.  That part of my operation has grown tremendously.  I now offer classes here in my shop and in several other sites around the North Country.

My website has gone from serving as an information source to a real commerce site.  As my weaving class offerings were expanding, internet orders were also growing.  Initially I was filling orders in 2 or 3 weeks at the most.    Now it runs at least 8 weeks.

A customer stopped at the shop yesterday but I only have 3 baskets in stock for sale.  I told her I would be happy to put a basket on my list but that I only had a few available now and was working on filling basket orders.

While working today it all kind of sunk in…. I’ve gone from trying to maintain a sizable inventory and doing lots of craft shows kind of operation to mostly teaching weaving classes and filling custom basket orders.

Guess I’ve largely become a custom order operation with a large side order of weaving classes.

Does all this mean I won’t have inventory in my sales shop any more?  Nope.  But it does mean    that there will be frequent times like now;  many orders will come in and classes will be in full swing.  Time won’t allow for shop inventory to be produced…. right now….but it’ll  change and baskets will soon appear on my shelves again. 

Like I used to tell my kids…the only constant in life is always happens and always will!

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