Gathering Baskets


This item is available only in my Chateaugay Shop.

These are traditional “square to round” gathering baskets with oak hoop handles. “Square to round” means that the basket base is square (or rectangular) as the sidewall weaving is begun.  When the rim is applied, the basket assumes a rounded shape with gently curving corners as opposed to the square corners at the wall’s base. This type of basket is great for everything from holding    toddler’s toys to picking beans in the garden.  All 4 sizes feature a sturdy oak handle that is    finger jointed, glued and pinned for strength and durability.  The small model is 8” X 8” with a    hoop height of 9 ¼”.  The medium size is 10” X 10” with a 12 ¾” hoop height.  The large version is 12” X 14” and has a hoop that is 12″high.  I call the extra large size a “market” basket.  It is built   on a hoop that is 14″ wide and 16″ high.  The base is 14″ X 16″.  The small version is $42, the medium size is $52 and the large size is $59 and the market basket is $65.

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