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This item is only available in my Chateaugay Shop

This shallow walled basket has a graceful, curved top oak handle that is strong and durable.  The hoop is finger jointed, glued and pinned.  This style basket is great for carrying cut flowers or vegetables from the garden. 

This basket resembles an English garden basket called a trug.  Trugs are shallow, oval, hooped baskets used to carry the bounty of the vegetable or flower gardens.  The English baskets are   most often made of thin boards as opposed to my woven piece  but, both function well as sturdy, dependable totes for garden work.

The 3 smallest sizes of my baskets are; 3” x 5” with a hoop height of 4 ”; 4” x 8” with a 4 ½” high hoop and; 5” x 7” with a  5 ½” tall hoop.  They made great decorative accents. 

The 3 largest sizes are more functional and utilitarian.  One is 8” x 12” with a 6 ¾” high hoop.  The next is 10″ x 15″ with a 10″ hoop height and the largest basket is 12” X 18” with a 10 ½” tall hoop. 

Prices from the smallest to the largest versions are –  Mini; $20,  Ex-Small; $25,  Small; $32,  Medium; $39 , Large; $42 and Extra-Large; $54.

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