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mick-indoorsA life-long woodworker, I took my first Adirondack packbasket class in 1998. Before retiring, I was a junior high social studies teacher for fifteen years  and then a school counselor for nineteen.  I have always had a keen interest in history and have been an avid outdoorsman since I was a young boy. I have blended those interests and experiences to create, what I believe, is a unique variety of first quality, hand crafted products.

I began my business in 1999 out of a desire to accurately portray both Adirondack and historical themes.  My inspiration comes      from the mountains, forests and our area heritage.

Woven items include seven sizes of packbaskets, two styles of pine lidded fishing creels and other packbasket and Adirondack themed items; business card holders, pencil holders, magazine baskets and bathroom accessories, to name a few.   Wood pieces include several styles of clocks; many with birch bark and twig accents.  I have recently been building small cabinets with face panels of hand punched tin because of an almost forgotten memory of an old pie safe that was  in my grandmother’s kitchen when I was very, very young.

materialsEach and every unique piece is handmade by me in my weaving studio and woodshop here in the Northern Adirondack foothills.  I do not mass produce.  Production of some pieces is often limited.  Each work gains its own personality as it takes its final form.  No two are exactly alike.  My desire to offer quality, handcrafted, unique items has struck a positive chord with my customers.  Sales volume has grown each year as craft show and local shoppers with Adirondack or Country decorating in mind have discovered these authentic pieces.  Total satisfaction is always unconditionally guaranteed.

Now, I’m expanding beyond the local craft show market with this web presence that features top quality, handmade, and historically themed pieces in a custom order format.

shopAlso new is my retail sales shop located at 6169 State Route 11 in Chateaugay, NY.  All     of my pieces are available in a newly designed rustic showroom that is handicapped accessible.  In addition, a weaving classroom, which is also open, allows small groups of beginning or experienced weavers to create their own packbasket, fishing creel or gathering basket.  Small class sizes     (maximum of 5) insure individualized assistance during the five to six hour classes.  You can create a lasting, personal piece to keep for yourself or to give as a heartfelt gift for someone special. In the past my students have ranged from ages 14 to 83!  Everyone leaves the class with their own completed basket and detailed directions for applying a lasting finish.   Watch the website for a class schedule or call the number above.

I hope you enjoy my products.  If you are shopping for a gift or for yourself, I guarantee a first quality, hand-crafted piece.  If you are only browsing, thanks for looking.  I appreciate your interest.

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